We feature only top-level teachers and percussionists from around the world. All DLC teachers are working professionals who have the skills and experience to provide quality instruction to our community. No more endless searching on youtube and other public sites to find quality instruction. DLC brings the pros to you.

To become a DLC Teacher (Author)

  1. Join the website (become a subscriber)
  2. Email us to request an upgrade to Author status.
  3. Wait for confirmation.

Once accepted as a DLC Teacher, you will gain access to this site as an “author,” which allows you to create your own posts, link to videos, upload photos, music notation, and link to your websites.

Authors can create as many lessons as they wish. The only requirement is that each lesson teach a useful skill (no ‘chops-only’ videos) and that it not be a commercial. That’s it! You can create as many lessons as you like and the content can be linked to any public or private video or audio that is freely available on the web (or that you create yourself).

See the lesson guidelines

Our mission is to provide top-quality drum and percussion lessons for the greater drumming community and beyond.