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Percussion Sticks and Sound Effects

By · February 7, 2018 · Filed in African, Asian, Basic, Community Drumming, Pacific Islands, World Drumming · Comments Off on Percussion Sticks and Sound Effects

This lesson shows lots of different types of sticks, from clapper sticks to bundled sticks, pu’ili sticks and Devil Chasers. This will give you some ideas for DIY percussion instruments for Camps, Community Drumming and Music Education. Find more at

S. American/African/Caribbean Rhythms

By · April 17, 2013 · Filed in Advanced, African, Brazilian, Community Drumming, Drum Circle, DrumSet, Guided Interactive Drumming, Jazz, Latin, Latin, World Drumming · Comments Off on S. American/African/Caribbean Rhythms

This free video series demonstrates the rhythms of South America, Africa and The Caribbean. Add these fascinating a challenging rhythms to your drumming repertoire at no cost. Follow the link and subscribe to the youtube channel.

Basic Djembe Technique

By · July 8, 2012 · Filed in African, Basic, Djembe, World Drumming · Comments Off on Basic Djembe Technique

Master drummer, Jim Donovan, teaches us how to play the basic strokes on the West African Djembe drum. There are three basic sounds played on the djembe; the bass tone, the open tone and the slap tone. Jim also demonstrates how to produce a flam technique, which is two notes played very close together. Check out more from Jim at his website.