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S. American/African/Caribbean Rhythms

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This free video series demonstrates the rhythms of South America, Africa and The Caribbean. Add these fascinating a challenging rhythms to your drumming repertoire at no cost. Follow the link and subscribe to the youtube channel.

Alex Acuña plays the Cajon

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This clip shows a master percussionist, Alex Acuña, playing a CAJON solo. The Cajon is a central and South American drum that is made from a wooden box. THe sound ranges from deep to bright and warm to edgy. Alex uses a variety of techniques to bring out all the voices of the Cajon. He also played different rhythms and grooves over a steady pulse. Notice that the basic pulse stays the same throughout his entire solo. The band members and audience clap along as he solos over the top and keeps the beat. Have you tried this? Try playing a solo while you maintain a steady beat. Don’t speed up, slow down, or stray from the pulse. Make a recording and see if you played as well as you thought you did!

The “Doubling” Technique for Fills

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This drummer shows you how to use a double-stroke to add some spice and variety to your drum beat and fills. Use doubles in both hands to add complexity and variety to your beats. As always, warm up and practice with a metronome.
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Fast Double Bass Drumming

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Learn how to play double bass – fast! Learn tips and tricks for playing double bass pedals – super fast. This video shows double bass technique in split screen, which makes it easy to follow. As always, warm up before you practice or play and always practice with a metronome. Enjoy!

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Dave Weckl – Drum Solo

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This is a performance of Dave Weckl playing in a latin jazz ensemble. He does an amazing Drum Solo, which you can see below. Dave plays the drumset and adds in some bongos (mounted on his left). Notice how he brings his volume down for the piano solo, then builds the music slowly over time. He’s a true master musician. This video is provided through Hudson Music. Enjoy!