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Double Bass with Charlie Zeleny

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In this lesson, Charlie Zeleny shows us how to approach playing double bass drumming. He talks about using double bass in beats and fills and as a warm up. Make sure that when you practice this material, you do it with a metronome. If you’re not sure what that is, stop NOW and find out! ALL drummers need to develop their sense of, and ability to play in, time (keeping the pulse steady and not falling off the beat). This is a great starter video. If you have other favorites on Youtube or anywhere else, let us know and we’ll post them here. You can also become a DLC teacher and create your own lessons. Let us know what you think about this lesson below.

Basic Bongo Techniques & Rhythm

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World drumming specialist, Alan Dworsky, teaches us how to play the ‘habanera’ rhythm on the bongos. His teaching style is clear and methodical (moving from simple to more complex in a logical way that build skills). You’ll learn about the PULSE, the TONE and hear the rhythm pattern played with and without background music. Try this rhythm at home, then take it to the streets (or wherever you want to take it).

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Basic Djembe Technique

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Master drummer, Jim Donovan, teaches us how to play the basic strokes on the West African Djembe drum. There are three basic sounds played on the djembe; the bass tone, the open tone and the slap tone. Jim also demonstrates how to produce a flam technique, which is two notes played very close together. Check out more from Jim at his website.

Playing a Basic Rock Beat

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Do you want to learn to play drums for the very first time? Watch Mike Michalkow’s step-by-step drum video lesson to get started. It will guide you through a few simple patterns that form a basic rock drum beat. Learn to play the drum set by playing a basic rock beat. For more, see other lessons on this site.